Why Windows, Why?

» 29 Oct 2008

Pop Quiz: You are writing an operating system that sometimes needs to restart to install updates. How do you accommodate this?

  1. Place an icon informing the user of the need to reboot on the system tray.
  2. Pop up a dialog giving the user the option to restart now or not.
  3. Do nothing, restart will happen someday.
  4. Pop up a dialog informing the user of an imminent reboot. If there is no answer, reboot in 5 minutes. If the user cancels the reboot, pop up the dialog again in 5 minutes. Repeat until user goes to use the bathroom or get a snack, then go down for reboot while killing all unsaved data with extreme prejudice. Bonus points if this reboot can knock out a carefully arranged workspace full of consoles and Vim windows. Ensure that your desktop environment also provides no session management.

Just when I start finding Windows usable, it goes and sucks harder. The fact that ruby on rails development is a nightmare and a half on Windows further contributes to my foul demeanor. I don’t understand how Windows manages to make Ruby slower — an outcome I considered impossible. I also find Window’s lack of being UNIX disturbing.

That all said, I’m pretty sure Linux won’t work on my laptop anyway, and it certainly wouldn’t work particularly well (being a tablet and all). I wish things had worked out in a less complex way that would have involved me being able to buy a MacBook (but that is another story entirely).

VMWare also boots incredibly slowly on my laptop. My laptop is a 2.5ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4gb of RAM, so I can only assume that the 10 minutes of near lockup that occurs every time I press the VM power on button is related to Windows in some way. If I can get VMWare running well, then I will be back in business.