Using Fluid For Convenient Rails Diagnostics

» 02 May 2009

I recently got a Macbook Pro and have been quite impressed with it. I have also been doing a ton of work for "BigThink": I'm a tabbed browsing nut, and I discovered that if I ever wanted to get anything done I had to limit my tabs to the point where they all still fit in the bar. This forces me to actually read or act upon the things I have thrown into tabs rather than just letting them simmer. Working on a large Rails project means that I often find myself needing information from trendy websites like Lighthouse, Hoptoad, and New Relic. That's three more tabs towards my limit. Every time I closed those tabs to make more room for normal web browsing, something happened that caused me to have to check them again. Then I discovered that Fluid supports tabs and saves the tab session per application. !! The trick is to set up the SSB to one site (in my case New Relic) and then on first run open up tabs and go to the other diagnostic services (Hoptoad and Lighthouse for me). The end result is a full diagnostic panel that pops up whenever you click the icon. !!